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10lb Coldfire Bottles (DJ911100)

DJ Safety is the leader in Coldfire fire suppression systems. SFI 17.1

All our bottles are all 5.25" in diameter and come complete ready to install. We now have 2 sizes of 10lb fire bottles, the newer and larger is what we reccommend for installing if possible.

The newer 350cui bottle holds the same amount of Coldfire liquid as the older 300cui bottle, but the difference is that the nitrogen charge contained. With the 350cui bottle the charge is approx twice the amount allowing a longer discharge and giving the ability to completely empty the bottle. This is also important for vehicles which have long lengths of tubing as the charge pushes the coldfire further.

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10lb Coldfire Bottle 300cui



10lb Coldfire Bottle 350cui



We also offer a refill service.




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