Speedflow Hoses - Lightweight Performance Hose

Size Part No Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Operating Pressure Burst Pressure Bend Radius
-4 X310400 0.22in / 5.58mm 0.44in / 11.17mm 500psi / 35bar 2000psi / 138bar 2.00in / 50.80mm
-6 X310600 0.35in / 8.89mm 0.56in / 14.22mm 500psi / 35bar 2000psi / 138bar 2.50in / 63.50mm
-8 X310800 0.44in / 11.17mm 0.67in / 17.01mm 500psi / 35bar 2000psi / 138bar 3.50in / 88.90mm
-10 X311000 0.57in / 14.47mm 0.82in / 20.82mm 500psi / 35bar 2000psi / 138bar 4.00in / 101.60mm
-12 X311200 0.69in / 17.52mm 0.96in / 24.38mm 350psi / 25bar 1400psi / 97bar 4.50in / 114.30mm
-16 X311600 0.88in / 22.35mm 1.15in / 29.21mm 350psi / 25bar 1400psi / 97bar 5.50in / 139.70mm
-20 X312000 1.12in / 28.44mm 1.43in / 36.37mm 350psi / 25bar 1400psi / 97bar 8.00in / 203.20mm











Tough, lightweight XR-31 hose is a sure bet for racers and street performance enthusiasts. Its versatile, flexible, easy to cut and assemble with a number of attractive characteristics including: excellent temperature resistance, high tube strength and a tight bend radius. 3 ply construction consists of full coverage nylon-bonded outer braid for abrasion-resistance, partial coverage embedded braid middle layer, and CPE synthetic rubber inner tube for great flow and high-temperature resistance. XR-31hose offers significant weight-savings over stainless steel braided hose.

Temperature range: -40°C (-40°F) to 149°C (300°F)

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