Stainless Steel Overbraid

Part No Inside Diameter Suit Hose Outside Diameter Suggested Applications
111-021 0.83in / 21mm 0.67-0.83in / 17-21mm

Fuel Line, Overflow Hoses, Oil Lines

111-028 1.10in / 28mm 0.83-1.10in / 21-28mm

Heater Hose, Power Steer and AC Lines

111-035 1.38in / 35mm 1.10-1.38in / 29-35mm

Heater Hose, Power Steer and AC Lines

111-040 1.57in / 40mm 1.38-1.57in / 36-40mm

Heater Hose, Power Steer and AC Lines

111-045 1.77in / 45mm 1.57-1.77in / 40-45mm

Small Radiator Hoses

111-050 1.97in / 50mm

1.77-1.97in / 45-50mm 

Medium Radiator Hoses

111-060 2.36in / 60mm 1.97-2.36in / 50-60mm

Large Radiator Hoses











Speedflow's Stainless Steel overbraid is great for covering radiator and heater hoses or any other hoses! Available in several different sizes to suit a variety of hoses, simply slide the cover over the hose and clamp on each end with our hose cover clamps. 

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