Teknofibra® Heat Protection


This innovative material protects heat sensitive parts mounted in close proximity to high temperatures that would otherwise be damaged without appropriate protection.

Teknofibra®  is a unique material composed of a special surface of embossed aluminium, an exclusive black thermal material derived from Carbon Fibre with very high insulating properties and a specially developed adhesive layer that increase its strength with temperature.

It is a very good thermal barrier against heat and flames of the engine compartment and cockpit habitackle areas. ( Used in the world sports car championship by McLaren & Ferrari's to keep cockpit temperatures below the FIA ceiling of 30 degrees ) When applied to hot transmission tunnels it keeps driver feet & legs cool and cockpit temps low.

A good insulator placed between air box and throttle body allowing the flow of cool induction air and not allowing temp pickup from within the engine compartment.

Teknofibra®  protects fuel cells and keeps fuel temperature low when in close proximity to hot exhaust etc.

Teknofibra® Heat Shield

Teknofibra® Heat Shield

Teknofibra® Heat Tape

Teknofibra® Heat Tape

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