Sportsman Parachute 130-180mph



Sportsman Parachute 130-180mph (DJ851252

DJ Safety manufactures these parachutes with the sportsman racer in mind. They are made from a very strong long lasting material that can take the beating of going round after round as common within the sportsman ranks.

The chutes are a 12ft crossform design with eight canopy lines. They are designed to be used for vehicles reaching up to 180mph.

Parachutes come ready for racing, complete with Pilot Chute, Black chute pack and Safety flag/pin. Available in a variety of colours.

Also shown above with optional Silver pack. See replacement packs.


  • Pack is reinforced Black Nylon with 4-door lid. 9" x 9" x 5"
  • Main chock sleeve is covered in Black Nylon.
  • Main canopy panels constructed of touch reinforced material with 8-point attachments.
  • Leather reinforced Pilot chute features a compression launch spring system

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