GSS Performance (formerly known as Greenlane Speedshop) was established in 1968 by Nick and Carol Lifting. In 1995 Greenlane Speedshop moved to new premises in Penrose and the name was changed to GSS. In 2008 GSS was bought by Nick and Carol's nephew, Stephen Milliken as Nick and Carol had moved to Australia to pursue manufacturing. Stephen has worked in the automotive industry since leaving school. He started at Ace Traders in Palmerston North and he worked for Greenlane Speedshop in the mid-'80s.


Steve has made the decision to semi retire to focus on his golf and drag racing. He is the driver of Chaos.His PB is 7.17 at 193. 

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We have Ryan who  has been involved with drag racing from a young age , crewing on a multitude of Group 1 vehicles along the way., Owner of the Joker 1958 Plymouth Fury Drag car, Ryan also is the one behind the resurgence of Wildbunch in NZ and along with a merry band of helpers runs some of the countries largest Drag meetings each season and currently has a new car in the build stage. Ryans PB is 7.49 at 183. 

Ryans car

Mallory is new to the team and has been enjoying getting to know our customers . She is helping out with adminstrative duties now that Steve is Semi retiring. Thank you for your patience while Mallory learns the ropes. This is Mallorys first time working in the parts industry, apart from helping out at the GSS Beach Hop trade stands as a teeneager. Mallory and her family are Into Hot Rodding and this is her families current car. 

Mallorys car

The final member of our team is Trevor he has been involved with cars and bikes his whole life, starting with an apprenticeship at Rolls Royce, and has been involved with the building and racing of some of the world's most iconic cars. Trevor also brings his varied fabrication skills, from welding to design, a quit wit and uncanny knack of knowing what part number you need before even you do. 

2023 Trevors current carTrevors old car 1Trevors old car 2

GSS is New Zealand's premier supplier of performance hoses and fittings, catering for all types of systems, fuel, oil, water, brakes, clutch, NOS, and hydraulic. GSS carries an extensive range and continues to add to the inventory on a regular basis. The range includes alloy and steel AN, BSPP fittings to suit stainless steel braided, and pushlock hose. GSS also carries a range of accessories including oil coolers, oil adaptors, fuel and oil filters, silicone hoses, weld on filler necks, and more.

We aim to provide you with quality service, with quality products at a reasonable price.

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